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    We love video

    Pre-loved TV, re-loved

    Great content for marketers
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    Hostelworld TV

    Hostelworld use licensed-TV to offer useful

    destination guides on popular cities
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    ROI TV

    Saga using TV to inspire and engage

    first-time Cruisers.
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    Nat Geo know that kids love

    telly about dinosaurs!!!!

Welcome to Screen Library

Engage and inspire your customers with interactive video experiences.  We help brands and publishers to tell their stories through high-quality TV and film,  empowering content editors and marketers to re-purpose, curate and deploy video online, on mobile and across social media.

Case Studies

  • What we do

    We’re passionate about getting you the best content, and giving you the tools you need to powerfully tell your story.

  • We find the right video content


    We’re expert at finding the right video content.

    For each of the services we create, we typically find content from c. 10 to 15 different sources.   This is a bespoke process for each client – we have access and relationships with hundreds of content suppliers worldwide, and we’re committed to finding the most suitable video content for each client.   Organisations we’ve recently sourced material from include BBC Worldwide , Shine, Fox, EMI, NASA, London Zoo, Zodiak, IMG, Duke and many others.

    We like diversity and breadth of content; and curated TV works best when it’s in the mix.   Our customers to a city-guide might watch a few minutes of Joanna Lumley in the Arctic, than a local pop-video, then a guide to local cuisine.   The consumer experience is varied and eclectic, and so is the range of TV and video we license to create them.

    How do we do this?  First we agree with our client what their online video needs to achieve for their business.   We usually search through over 100 catalogues and archives, and then draw up a targeted short-list of content that meets these objectives, and fits with their brand and their budget.   And then we go and complete the licensing-deals to obtain that content for our client.

    Watch our latest show reel here.

  • We license and manage the rights for you


    We license content from rights-holders on behalf of our clients.   We take full responsibility for all the legal and copyright and regulatory issues.

    We set the deal-terms, including usage-cases and territorial coverage and all upstream copyright clearances.   For the entire period of use, we monitor and report on compliance with these contractual terms.   We provide legal and management reports to rights-holders and also to our clients.

    We ensure that TV services comply with legislation on content-standards and editorial integrity, and comply with relevant OFCOM guidelines.   Screen Library is registered with ATVOD, the independent co-regulator for the editorial content of UK video on demand services that fall within the new statutory definition of On Demand Programme Services.

    We agree prices, and are able to ensure that we get very competitive prices for our clients, thanks to our market-knowledge and our purchasing-scale.

  • We give you tools to curate your online video content


    The more you can do with your online video, the better for everybody.    Add commentary, add call-outs, put animated guides alongside it to add info or just for fun.   Refresh it as often as you like, with new campaigns or seasonal updates.   All this is possible with Screen Library’s easy-to-use CMS.

    This plays to the strengths of curated-TV, over-and-above originally-produced video.   We give you the tools to make it your own, and make it tell your story, with your tone-of-voice.   You can change the assortment of content; or swap out one piece of content for another; or within minutes add in a video that’s trending on your social networks.

  • Great viewing experiences for your customers

    We provide the player platform for all this great content to be enjoyed by your customers.   We’ve designed and tested a playlist-format that allows the viewer to choose from a neat selection of videos.

    The experience feels flexible and fun for the viewer, who can choose how to watch the videos; and gets to enjoy curated commentary alongside.

    Editorial commentary and commercial call-outs appear in line with the video; they are all controlled by our client via the CMS.    The entire experience is controlled and branded by the client, and no third-party advertisements are served in the video or anywhere else on the page.

    The result: high-quality time together for you and your customer; for you to inspire, inform, and delight them with your curated TV.


Bring your content to new appreciative audiences

Are you a content-owner?

We enable copyright-holders of great video and TV to find appreciative new audiences for their content. We have licensed content from dozens of different rights-holders, ranging from the BBC and major Hollywood studios, through to independent film-makers and institutions like London Zoo and NASA.

We love finding new audiences for great TV content, and we are delighted to pay out well-deserved new income to the owners of that content.
In every case, we ensure that the rights-holders are properly paid for their content, and we take legal and contractual responsibility for managing all aspects of the licensing, usages, content-standards and regulatory compliance. We report to all our rights-holders about the viewership of their content, and can provide useful information to help you plan where else to monetise your content. We also adhere to strict DRM protocols to ensure that your content will be kept safe.

We prefer standardised and simple deal-terms and tech-specs, and strike blanket commercial frameworks with rights-holders, to reduce your management-time and legal-time and technical-costs.

So, if you own the rights to content which could be useful to specialist publishers or museums or brands, then please get in touch and tell us about it.

Contact Louise Prideaux in our Content team on louise@screenlibrary.com … and we’ll bring you some new viewers and some new money for your great  content.

Any questions? Here are the answers.

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